Yarpole Group Parish Council is made up of 10 Councillors representing the villages of Yarpole & Lucton, the hamlet of Bircher and the communities who live in Bicton, Croft and on Bircher Common.

The Parish Clerk is Emma Lewis. e-mail:- yarpolegroup@gmail.com, 01568 708694.

Current Councillors are, Yarpole, Audrey Bott (Chairman), Duncan Grant (Vice), Michael Denny, Duncan Grant, David Niblett, Barbara Nurse, Linda Middleton Lucton, Diane Russell, Harold Holder.

The Parish Council liaises regularly with Herefordshire Council and works closely with Bircher Ward Councillor Sebastian Bowen.

If you have any concerns relating to the parish, or wish to have an item added to the next agenda, please contact the clerk or any parish Councillor.

Parish Council meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of every month, except August and December. Members of the public are encouraged to attend and have the opportunity to speak on any agenda items at the start of the meeting. Agendas for each meeting are published on parish noticeboards and this website 3 working days before the meeting.  


Parish Council News

Next Ordinary  Parish Council Meeting - Tuesday 5th September 2017, 7.30pm, Village Hall. All are welcome to attend. 

Vacancy for Parish Councillor:  Following the resignation of Tony Paterson, there is a vacancy on the Parish Council. Yarpole Group Parish Council will look to co-opt a person to fill the vacancy as soon as practicable in accordance with the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) Rules 1986. 

Neighbourhood Development Plan - EXCELLENT NEWS! - The Yarpole Group NDP has now successfully completed its regulation 16 consultation period, which ran  from 6th April until 25th May 2017. This means that the plan will start to hold legal weight in planning decisions. The plan will now progress to independent examination and then to referendum prior to adoption. You can find all the documents on the Herefordshire Council website, including the progression to examination decision notice,  through the link https://myaccount.herefordshire.gov.uk/yarpole-group. 

2016/17 Annual Accounts - The Parish Council approved the annual accounts at their meeting in June . You can access the signed annual governance statement here and the signed accounting statements here.  You can also look at the schedules for submission to the external auditor which contain more information about the accounts here.



Parish Council Minutes

6th June 2017

23rd May 2017 (Extraordinary Meeting)

2nd May 2017

4th April 2017

6th March 2017

8th February 2017

1st February 2017

December 2016

October 2016

September 2016