The Neighbourhood Plan for Yarpole Parish.

***********June 2016***********

The Yarpole Group Neighbourhood Plan (2011-2031) is now ready for consultation; please click on the following link to consult this document:

Regulation 14 Consultation Document

Please see links below to view supporting documents

Herefordshire Council's Habitats Regulations Assessment

Strategic Environmental Assessment of Yarpole Group Parish

Site Deliverability


Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

The Localism Act 2011 introduces statutory Neighbourhood Planning in England. Neighbourhood Plans give communities greater control over development in their area.

Our Parish Council has applied to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Yarpole, Bircher, Bircher Common and Lucton based on information many of us contributed to the 2013 Parish Plan.

The Parish Council has authorised the formation of a steering group to advance the plan; the following people have offered to assist: Brian Barnett, Audrey Bott, Robert Chitham, Liz Connolly, David Connor, Kate Darby, Peter Furneaux, Barrie Morgan, Mark Richards, Tom Rogers and Andrew Thompson.


Evidence Base for Neighbourhood Plan

Documents added May 2016

Herefordshire Council's Strategic Environmental Assessment of Yarpole Group Parish

Herefordshire Council's Habitats Regulations Assessment


Documents added April 2016:

Comments on the Neighbourhood Plan

Parish Birth Data

Council tax bands; city and market towns

Council tax band analysis, Yarpole Group Parish

Explanation of Section 106 document below

Section 106 document


March 2016:

 Since the last public meeting these changes have been proposed.

To find out more about what is happening with the Neighbourhood Plan, read Progress report 5, February/March 2016

Click here to view the Proposed settlement boundaries for Yarpole and Bircher,and click here to see the Proposed settlement boundary for  Lucton.

Click here for the Key to the settlement boundary maps.


A public meeting was held to discuss our Neighbourhood Plan on the 1st November at 3pm in St Leonard's Church.  Below are links to the documents presented at that meeting.

Map of the group parish

Detailed maps:

Map of Bircher

Map of Cockgate

Map of Lucton

Map of Yarpole

Map key

Key to developments submitted for consideration

Dwellings allocated to identified sites

Settlement patterns

Criteria for development

If you would like more information, please email Brian Barnett 

or go to the Neighbourhood Planning portal.