Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Yarpole Community Shop Ltd
held on Thursday 2nd June 2016
at 7 p.m. in St. Leonard's Church.

Board members present: Andrew Praill, David Cheshire, Julian Stokes, Ann Greer, Barbara Nurse, Jon Pitts, Angela Barnett and Carol Clare.

Apologies given before the meeting: Mary Rogers, Vivienne and Brian Mitchell, Christopher Greer, Harry Grey and Emma Grey.

Attendance recorded at the meeting: present – 51, apologies - 46

Welcome: Andrew Praill, Chairman, welcomed all the shareholders to the meeting and explained the format for the meeting, which this year would be divided into two halves, allowing time in the middle for casting of votes for the distribution of funds.

Approval of Minutes of last AGM – 4th June 2015.
These have been circulated. Iris Lawson proposed approval of the minutes, seconded by Barbara Nurse.

Matters arising: None were recorded.

Chairman's report – first half – 2015 marked the first decade of the Community Shop, so 2016 starts our second decade. But where do we go from here? We must look ahead not just to the next year, but have plans for the next 10 years.

Last year we showed plans for the re-ordering of the shop lay-out which has now taken place, but changes could still be made. We are looking at the possibilities of a new counter lay-out. We may get funding for this from the Post Office.

We have purchased a new freezer and replaced the old card reader with a more efficient system. A new shop open/closed sign is in situ.

We have said "goodbye" to a few volunteers and "Welcome" to some new ones. A Buddy scheme has been instigated. Buddies help and assist in the running of the shop, whilst not being involved in behind the counter serving, doing jobs such as date checking, cleaning and restocking shelves, and meeting and greeting customers. We have two buddies already signed up.

Training courses have been offered to the volunteers. Safety and security issues were addressed in a well attended meeting where the local fire brigade had a useful input.

Financial report: the Treasurer gave a presentation of the 2015 accounts, copies of which were available to the shareholders. Stock values at year end were very similar to those at end 2014. In 2015 transactions were down 11.3%, spend per transaction up 17% and account sales were now 27.7% of total sales compared to 15.1% for 2014. Newspapers make up 25% of total sales. Detailed accounts were then shown on screen and explained. Two graphs were also shown with details of sales and transactions trends excluding newspapers, and details of performance over the last 5 years. In 2016 up to week 21, 27th May, transactions were down 4.1%, spend per transaction up 1.2%, accounts sales now 27% of total sales and card sales were 2.5%. Mr Nurse asked whether it was possible to measure how many people were using the shop. This was not easily monitored other than looking at account sales.
The accounts were adopted from a proposal by Sebastian Bowen, seconded by Audrey Bott.

Voting Procedure for the Distribution of Funds: there was a sum of £2000 available to be spent in the community. 10 projects had been submitted and the total requested sum exceeded monies available. Therefore a voting procedure had been instigated. Each share holder had been given 5 tokens to be posted into the boxes (ten in total) for the projects they wished to vote for.
The requests for monies were as follows: Arts Alive £80, Birchpole Singers £300, Community play production £200, Dog agility group £150, Church flower arrangers £350, Footpath one £600, Footpath 2 £700, Hoarse Whisperers £150, Church footpath gravel £50 - £100 and Village Hall audio and visual aid project £750 - £1000.

The share holders were then asked to go and place their tokens in the chosen boxes, and on completion of the voting procedure, these were taken away for counting.

Chairman's report – part two - The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for his clear and comprehensive presentation of the annual accounts'

Future - As stated, plans need to be instigated for the next ten years. Plunkett have been contacted for help and advice. They offered assistance and Mr Chris Buckham has performed a health check on the shop and sent in his report. He had assessed the shop as excellent. Mr Buckham was present at the AGM. The Board had attended a strategy away day on 19th May, organised by Plunkett and funded by the Prince's Trust, which was held at Grange Court, Leominster. An action plan for the shop was agreed. The Chairman showed the plan on the screen and invited comments from the shareholders. Mr Nurse questioned one aspect of the mission statement, which will be considered. The 10 year strategic objectives were shown explaining the 11 important points, including communications, shop environment, management and finance, products and services and community engagements. Andrew Thompson asked that the section on Post Office services should include details of banking services available. Sue Spencer said that she, and probably most of the share holders would like to see a copy of the action plan (which was several pages long and too much to show on screen) and the Chairman agreed to send it out by e mail to anyone who requested it.

Appointment of Accountants – the Treasurer said our current accountants are Kendall Wadley, and the Board are satisfied with the service they provide. The Board recommended that they be appointed again for the next year. Proposed by Andrew Thompson and seconded by David Martin.

Election of Management Board – The names of the current board members and the roles they undertake were shown on the screen. One board member was standing down and the Chairman thanked her for the work she has done whilst being a Board member. The remaining 7 members were available to continue for the next year. Chris Donovan offered his time and expertise to be the 8th Board Member. This was agreeable to the shareholders, and re-election was proposed by John Nurse and seconded by Eileen Minton.

The Chairman then offered the Board's thanks to all the volunteers, to the newly arrived buddies, to Cat and Chris Smith, to the shop board and to old and new shareholders.

The result of the voting on the distribution of funds for 2016 was then announced. 266 voting sips had been counted and verified.

Allocation was:
• £80 Arts Alive,
• £750 Village Hall for audio equipment,
• £100 for restoration of path from Stoneybrook to the Church,
• £200 for the Community play,
• £250 towards the cost of Church flower arrangers expenses
• £620 towards the cost of repairing the footpath from Brook House farm to Croft Lane.

AOB – Marianne Taylor asked if there was insurance to cover asset break downs, particularly as the shop had just had to pay £1100 for a new compressor for the chiller. The Treasurer explained that the shop has maintenance contracts in place, and insurance to cover loss of income in the case of breakdowns, but replacement parts had to be paid for.

David Martin gave thanks on behalf of the village hall committee for the funds allocated that evening.

The Chairman offered thanks to Mr Buckham for his attendance and to Plunkett for their support.

The meeting closed at 8.35pm and share holders were invited to stay and partake of Bell Tower wine, and nibbles and Board Members would be on hand to answer any further questions.